Announcing the Affordable Care Act Anniversary Challenge

Community Catalyst
Dear Partners,

We are excited to announce the Affordable Care Act Anniversary Challenge, a contest designed to celebrate the successes of health reform as we mark the second anniversary of the law’s passage.

The goal of the contest is to use letters to the editor to illustrate how the Affordable Care Act has benefited people in your state. As you know, letters to the editor are relatively short (approximately 150-200 words), and they are a great vehicle for amplifying or introducing consumer voices into the conversation.

Spokespeople Suggestions

Recruiting a variety of spokespeople to write letters to the editor can show specific ways the Affordable Care Act affects people’s lives. Below are some examples:

  • A small business owner who claimed the tax credit to help him/her pay for his/her employees’ health care.
  • A faith leader’s perspective on how the Affordable Care Act has impacted his/her congregation.
  • A young professional who was able to stay on his/her parents’ insurance plan.
  • A parent of a child with a chronic health condition who no longer needs to worry about lifetime caps on benefits or denial of coverage due to a pre-existing condition.

We’re challenging you to place and promote your letters to the editor during the month of March. After April 1, we will evaluate the submitted entries and determine the winner(s). During the contest we’ll do our part to promote your published letters using social media and working with our partners.

The grand prize will be an Anniversary party package from Community Catalyst full of various goodies with a New England theme. We will also be looking to award a few honorable mentions as well.

Evaluating the Entries
Entries will be evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Variety of spokespeople
  • Range of outlets – from traditional to online
  • Geographic reach
  • Use of social media to promote published letters
  • Number of letters placed

We hope this contest will be a meaningful public education opportunity with the potential for a fun reward. Our primary interests are creativity in use of spokespeople and geographic reach within your state. As you place your letters to the editor, be sure to send them along to Lucy Cox-Chapman at

Also, just a reminder about contributing photos for our Anniversary video. Check out last week’s alert and a tip sheet here.

Thank you for all you are doing to celebrate the Affordable Care Act during these important weeks surrounding the anniversary and the lead-up to oral arguments in the Supreme Court. We look forward to seeing your letters to the editor. Let the competition begin!

The Community Catalyst Implementation Team

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