Alert! Call Congress Today – Tell Them to SAY NO TO MEDICAID CUTS!

MSCCD Alert!Mississippi’s Medicaid funding is in danger.
Congressional House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan recently proposed a budget that will limit federal spending on Medicaid through a block grant. IMPORTANT – Under a block grant, Mississippi would get a fixed Federal amount to spend on Medicaid instead of the current matching structure where states draw funds for each eligible person enrolled in Medicaid. In other words, Mississippi would receive inadequate funding for its Medicaid program, and would likely be forced to reduce the costs of Medicaid through cuts to eligibility, benefits, and provider payment rates, as well as increases in cost-sharing.

What does this mean for Mississippi?
If this legislation passes and we lose our current funding, we would be risking the health of many vulnerable Mississippians.

Many Mississippians, including low-income families, children, seniors, and people with disabilities may lose the health care they so desperately need.

Don’t let this reckless budget pass the House!


Contact your U.S. Representative and tell him to “oppose budget proposals to change Medicaid’s structure to a block grant.”

– Call your District 1 Representative – Alan Nunnelee – 202-225-4306

– Call your District 2 Representative – Bennie Thompson – 202-225-5876

– Call your District 3 Representative – Gregg Harper – 202-225-5031

– Call your District 4 Representative – Steven Palazzo – 202-225-5772

Go to to find your representative’s link to his email address. When you click on go to Mississippi then you will be prompted to give your zip code to verify you are one of his constituents.

Mississippi Needs Your Help.

Don’t think that this will not happen. It will happened if we do not step up and make our voices heard.