Call Sen. Burton and your Senator – protect Individuals with Disabilities and Seniors right to choose whomever they request for voting assistance

March 14, Senate General Bills Calendar
25. S. B. No. 2768:
Voter assistance; revise provisions and require signed declarations.

Please call Sen. Burton and your Senator to amend this bill to allow individual with disabilities and seniors to have whomever they request to assist them when voting as provided by the Voting Rights Act of 1965
Author of bill:
Sen Terry Burton –
Capitol# 601-359-3234

Capitol switchboard – 601-359-3770
Senate Elections Committee members: Chris McDaniel, Chairman David Blount, Vice-Chairman
Hob Bryan; Lydia Graves Chassaniol; Joey Fillingane; Merle Flowers; Hillman Terome Frazier; Tommy A. Gollott; John A. Polk
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Background: The Law Protects Voting Rights of Disabled Citizens

Disabled Americans have a constitutionally protected fundamental right to vote, just like the rest of us. Beyond this constitutional protection, federal and state laws ensure access to voting places and systems.

Federal laws that protect voting rights of the disabled are:

Voting Rights Act of 1965-VRA allowed those with various disabilities to receive assistance “by a person of the voter’s choice”, as long as that person was not the disabled voter’s boss or union agent. (Says nothing about the person assisting must be a registered voter. This requirement stated in SB 2768 come against the Voting rights Act.)