JATRAN’s Public Hearing Schedule


JATRAN’s Public Hearing Schedule for proposed Cuts in Jatran’s Services

This is the schedule of public hearings for the proposed JATRAN cutbacks. Please, even if you don’t personally ride JATRAN, come and have your voice heard. Numbers at the meetings are what count! Everyone that rides JATRAN needs to be at one or more of these meetings.

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These cutbacks will devastate the working class of Jackson, and end any hope of there being justice for people with disabilities trying to take care of themselves in our Capital City. Why, because in order to meet demand, JATRAN Handi-Lift (paratransit) will need to double its current capacity. Also, many people with disabilities currently ride fixed route buses, and they will be left stranded in their homes.

If you care about our city and your neighbors, come to one of these meetings and speak out.

It’s our moral duty to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.

By STEPHANIE TERRELL Published: December 6,

Hearing Dates

  • December 11th 9am — Jackson City Hall, Council Chambers
  • December 16th, 6pm — Fresh Start Christian Church, Manhattan Road, Jackson, MS
  • December 17th, 6pm — Mount Helm Baptist Church, Church Street, Jackson, MS
  • December 20th, 6pm — City Council Chamber, City Hall