MS Legislative Action Alert: HB1315, Voter Assistance Bill moves to Senate

MS Legislative Action Alert
HB1315 – A bill that places requirements for voter assistance now moves to the Senate.

HB 1315, a bill that would place burdensome requirements on voter assistance. ( To require person assisting a voter to be a registered voter and sign declaration that he or she is a registered voter. )

The House moved to table HB1315.

Representative Cecil Brown (Jackson) said this bill will “attack a particular group of people. It doesn’t mean just black, it also means disabled, blind, illiterate people. It is immoral. It should not be done.”

Representative Willie Bailey (Greenville) said, “this is a terrible bill that will hurt folks all over the state.”

CONTACT and THANK Representatives Brown and Bailey for standing up against HB1315.
Capitol Switchboard – 601-359-3770
Representative Brown –

The motion to table the motion to reconsider (preventing any further action on the bill) passed 59-58. The bill now moves to the Senate.

CONTACT YOUR SENATOR & SENATOR BURTON ( and SENATOR BLOUNT ( Capitol Switchboard – 601-359-3770

“This bill is wrong. It will place barriers for individuals with disabilities and seniors to their right to vote given in the Voting Rights Act of 1965.”