Sign Letter Opposing Increased Rents for the Poorest Families (Deadline: March 8th)

Coalition of Human Needs

From our friends at Voices for America’s Children and the Children’s Leadership Council:

Groups: Please Sign to Oppose Increasing the Minimum Rent for Poor Families in Subsidized Housing

Local, state, and national organizations are urged to sign this letter (click here to see the letter) to oppose a proposal that would raise the minimum rent at HUD-assisted rental housing for the poorest families. This proposal would raise minimum rents to at least $69.45 a month. The current minimum is $50, but local housing authorities have the discretion to set the minimum lower. Many do so because the families have almost no cash income. It is estimated that over 490,000 households would see their rents go up under this proposal, including 700,000 children. Nearly two-thirds of these children are of pre-school age.

The letter is addressed to the chair and ranking member of the House Financial Services Committee, which will take up legislation including this proposal.

Deadline for signing: Thursday, March 8, COB. Please contact Casey Labrack at to sign, if you are authorized to sign this letter by your local, state, or national organization. Please include your organization’s full name, your city and state, and your name, position, email, and phone.