The fight is just beginning

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JFA(Justice For All) readers,

This morning, President Obama stated that debt and deficit reductions “don’t require us to stop helping families who have a disabled child.”

We applaud the President for standing with our community today.

But the fight does not end here.

If we are to save 8 million people with disabilities’ lifeline, Congress must be reminded that our community opposes cuts to Medicaid.

Call 1-888-907-1485 now to tell your Congressman that debt and deficit reduction don’t require us to stop helping families who have a disabled child.

White House officials heard the stories of AAPD families this week, and the message was clear:

Without Medicaid, Anna Leibenow of Rhode Island would be unable to get out of bed to attend her job at an independent living center.

Without Medicaid, Linda Guzman of North Carolina would need to quit her job to care for her son Javi, who has both autism and a connective tissue disorder.

Without Medicaid, Sue Hetrick of Ohio would need to enroll in public assistance so she could care full-time for her son Micah, who has Down Syndrome.

Cutting Medicaid would result in costly institutional placements and filter money away from cost-effective community-based services.

With our country caught in one of the worst debt crises in history, we cannot afford to lose Medicaid.

Call 1-888-907-1485 to remind your Congressman that cutting Medicaid is bad business.

Stand with us today. The fight is just beginning.