MSCCD Update on MDE Hearing on JPS Accreditation & Dates for next Meeting

March 12ths meeting was the first step for JPS to be heard on its non compliance in its special education program, financial accountability and not reporting unexcused absences with the office of Compulsory School Attendance.

Since JPS was in noncompliance more than 12 months, MDE has to step in see what the issues are and MDE assigned the issue to the Commission on School Accreditation (CSA). Ann Moore, Special Education Director presented the timeline of JPS not being in noncompliance.

We will ask for a copy and share it here if available.

As we know, this is not the first time that JPS has been in noncompliance for more than 12 months. Non-compliance and not accepting TA has been going on for years.

The next step is a hearing that will be on Thursday, April 26th at 10 AM at the Central High School (MDE office building). At this hearing JPS will have he chance to present what they think is evidence and reasons why its accreditation should not be withdrawn.

After this hearing, Commission on School Accreditation (CSA) will submit its recommendation to MDE Board and they will make a decision.

MDE Board is scheduled to meet a week before the April 26th hearing (April 19 and 20th). The next MDE Board meeting would be May 17 and 18th. Lee Childress, Board Co-Chair from Corinth,stated that if JPS loses its accreditation then under current policy JPS will not be allowed to play in the High School Activities Association post season. He stated that the new accreditation policies would not be in effect. (My comment to myself -Must consider some of the Most Important things. )

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