Strategic Foresight Initiative – May Newsletter

Strategic Foresight Initiative (SFI) Community Members;

As the summertime approaches, the SFI team is continuing its robust outreach effort engaging the emergency management community in 1) creating awareness around SFI and the identified 15 strategic needs, and 2) exploring how the community has been utilizing these findings to inform planning and decision making processes. We are specifically interested in identifying anecdotal information on programs or projects that you may currently be engaged in that link to the SFI strategic needs. The SFI team is also continuing to engage FEMA components in exploring how current programs and initiatives meet the strategic needs.

Ms. Regina Moran, Director Youth Preparedness Programs at FEMA and Mr. Albert H. Fluman from the Emergency Management Institute (EMI) will share how their programs and initiatives contribute to meeting some of the identified strategic needs. As part of the conference call, the SFI team will provide a brief overview of the above outlined strategic needs and invite participants to share anecdotal information about how their programs/initiatives are meeting these needs, as well as any challenges and solutions identified when implementing actions to meet the strategic needs.

Ongoing Engagement Opportunities:

  1. Engage in the SFI online dialogue through Idea Scale (
  2. Join one of our upcoming interactive presentations or conference call (see list below).
  3. Share how you have applied SFI’s key findings (strategic needs) in your planning or operations, as well as any challenges you have experienced in applying these findings.

Upcoming SFI Presentations:

  • Wednesday, June 6 – Emergency Management Higher Education Conference, Emmitsburg, MD
  • Sunday, July 15 – Natural Hazards Center, Annual Workshop, Broomfield, CO
  • Monday, July 23 – Building Resilience through Public Private Partnership conference, Colorado Springs, CO

We appreciate your continued support and involvement with SFI. As always, please feel free to contact the SFI Team with questions, comments, or concerns.

Thank you,

Tim Baden

Director, FEMA Strategic Planning and Analysis Division