Vote Mississippi Campaign

So why is it so important to be involved in elections?
We have all seen the ads and heard the sound bytes:
“This is the most important election of your life time.”

Why should we make our way to the polls to cast our votes?
Does it really make a difference if we vote?

People with disabilities have long been referred to as the “sleeping giant” of American politics. Historically, voter turnout in our community has been extremely low. While people with disabilities represent 20% of Americans, we vote at a 30-35% rate. 

We can – we MUST change this.
We have the power to make a difference!”

The mission of Vote! Mississippi is to encourage and enable people with disabilities to impact public policy through voting and political involvement. MSCCD encourages everyone to learn all they can about the candidates so that they can make an educated decision at the polls. MSCCD members and supporters must come together not only during election years, but on a continuing basis across the state and do our parts to Awaken the Giant.

Get involved by:
• assisting folks in registering to vote.
• conduct voter registration drives
• provide absentee and early voting education and information
• assist with accessible machines during elections
• serve as Election Commission
• provide transportation

Our lives truly depend on letting our voices be heard. Our issues are not so different from the average American. We all want to live and work independently in a home of our own and in the community of our choice. We all want access to education, employment, transportation and health care. Justin Dart, Jr., disability rights leader, said it best when he said:
“Vote as if your life depends on it… because it does. It’s not too late to awaken the giant.”