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Senate Votes to Consolidate Unaccredited School Districts

Language excerpted from Senate Bill No. 2737 Upon the declaration of a state of emergency for any school district in which the Governor has previously declared 3 a state of emergency, the State Board of Education may either establish a conservatorship or abolish the school district 5 and administratively consolidate the school district with one […]

Limits on Laypersons Assisting Voters Inside the Polls

Although the voter ID law itself was not taken up, debate about voter ID and voter fraud spilled over into debate about another bill: SB 2768. This bill as initially brought up would have set the maximum number of voters that a particular person who was not a poll worker could assist at the polling […]

Legislative Update March 15 – Deadline Day

The house version of the Charter School Bill dies tonight (March 15) at midnight. House will go back into session @ 9 a.m. to take up 2 bills that were on a motion to reconsider..the worker’s comp bill and radar bill. All the bills that are up for reconsideration are: 1. H. B. No. 555: […]

Voter I’d Dead in Senate!

Senate- SB 2774, which would have required voters to present identification at the polling place in order to cast a ballot. It should be noted that this does not mean voter ID is dead for this session, since the House passed HB 921 yesterday, which will achieve a similar result.

2012 Legislative Updates

Governor Phil Bryant announces appointments to several state agencies. January 2012

2011 edition of NCLEJ’s TANF ADA Manual Now Available

The 2011 edition of the NCLEJ ADA-TANF Manual is now posted on NCLEJ’s website, and can be downloaded free of charge. The Manual has been revised primarily to address two major legal developments that have occurred since the 2010 edition was released in April 2010: In September 2010, the U.S. Department of Justice issued […]

Social Security Administration Section 504 settlementon sign language interpreters

Settlement Agreement Between the Social Security administration and Deaf Claimants Under Section 504 on Sign Language Interpreters In March 2011, the Social Security Administration (SSA) entered into a settlement agreement with six deaf and hard of hearing individuals to settle administrative complaints filed with SSA under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act regarding SSA’s failure […]

Mental Health – 2011 session

Mental Health for 2012 budget got $249,300,000 which is almost $7,000,000 more than this current fiscal year. Need to watch where they spend it. A big push should be for home and community services and treatment. Let’s see if director puts any of funds towards the ID/DD waiver to address the waiting list of over […]

Justice Department Settles Americans with Disabilities Act Lawsuit With Virginia’s INOVA Health System

WASHINGTON – The Justice Department has reached a settlement with Inova Health System to ensure effective communication with individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing in the provision of medical services. The agreement, under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Rehabilitation Act, resolves a complaint that Inova failed to provide sign language […]

PUT Legislative Update, March 29, 2011

Legislative Update, March 29, 2011 Special Education: Senate Bill 2433 The procedural safeguards rights of parents who have children receiving special education services as stated in IDEA 2004. Senate Conferees Named: Carmichael, Burton, Blount House Conferees Named: Brown, Broomfield,Gardner S) Conference Report Filed 03/27 (H) Conference Report Filed 03/28 (H) Conference Report Adopted 03/28 […]

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