Become a member

It is our pleasure to invite you to renew or join the Mississippi Coalition for Citizens with Disabilities (MSCCD). October is the start of our Annual Membership Campaign.  If you or your organization is not already a member or organizational partner, we hope you will join us. Your membership in the MSCCD provides a national and state forum for the identification and discussion of disability issues in our state. It also enables diverse groups with high levels of knowledge, expertise, and influence to work collaboratively to improve the quality of life and independence for Mississippians with disabilities and their families.

Chaired by Jayne Buttross, a person with a disability and long time member and supporter, the MSCCD is a coalition of national and state cross-disability associations and organizations that have a direct or indirect interest in promoting quality of life and independence for all people with disabilities of all ages. Through its combined strength, the MSCCD seeks to raise public awareness of critical disability issues, promulgate and support disability policies and legislation, and promote effective independent practices, research, education and training.

As a Coalition Member, you or your organization will be a catalyst and leader in helping influence the political process to bring about resource allocation, laws, and policies, which will advance our vision. This includes educating and mobilizing the general public, media and political leaders through strong cross-disability coalitions and a variety of other strategies.

The MSCCD Members and Partners meet four times a year. In addition, each year in July the MSCCD sponsors the Pathway to Participation Conference at the State Capitol. Each February, the MSCCD sponsors Disability Awareness Day at the Capitol and a Legislative Reception. These events provide special opportunities to meet and talk with legislators about issues and concerns of the disability community. Each October the Coalition in partnership with the American Association of People with Disabilities hosts Disability Mentoring Day an effort to promote career development for students with disabilities through hands-on career exploration.  Also in October, we hold our first Legislative Agenda Day to address issues and legislation for the upcoming legislative session.   We also hold a Legislative Agenda meeting in the fall and once a week during legislative session to stay abreast of the bills that affect our population.

As Coalition Member or Partner, you can expect to receive from the Coalition –

  • Timely e-mail communications regarding new developments in the political and policy area that affect people with disabilities and their families
  • Copies of all Coalition positions.
  • An opportunity to have input on all-important positions taken by the Coalition.
  • Invitation and inclusion in all meetings, trainings, workshops, and conferences convened by the Coalition.
  • The “strength in numbers” and coordinated action benefits of being part of the strongest and most visible cross-disability coalition in Mississippi.

The Coalition expects from its Members, Partner Organizations and Associations –

  • To participate as much as possible in meetings, local/regional meetings, conferences, Coalition Work Groups, workshops, trainings, and fund raisers.
  • Respond to Coalition mailings and e-mails soliciting your input on issues.
  • Contribute your organizations events to the Coalition e-news Open Door and website.
  • Help disseminate materials produced by the Coalition.
  • Initiate and coordinate political action to help the Coalition achieve its vision.
  • Provide trainings and/or workshops on your organizations expertise.
  • Refer individuals with disabilities and their family members to the CCD for assistance with benefits, ADA and educational issues.

If you choose to renew your membership or join the Mississippi Coalition for Citizens with Disabilities as an Affiliate Member, Family Member, Partner Organization or Association and you have questions about the Coalition, please contact us at (601) 969-0601 or e-mail

We look forward to hearing from you and working with you in the future.


Mississippi Coalition for Citizens with Disabilities